Shower Curtain Guide

There is no easier way to update your bathroom than changing out your shower curtain. It’s just so fast, cheap, and easy if you go about it right. With so many different styles out there, the only obstable you may have is picking one… Continue Reading

Local Lovin’: Liz Caan Interiors, LLC

I love to follow local designers and Liz Caan’s work is undeniably gorgeous. She’s based right out of Newton, MA with an impressive portfolio, a long list of press features and a drool-worthy shop to boot. I discovered her in… Continue Reading

A 1940’s Farmhouse

Last night I stumbled upon this New York 1940’s farmhouse and immediately fell in love with it.  Owned by floral designer Dana Worlock and family, it is decorated with the perfect balance of new & old. The eclectic mix creates… Continue Reading