Vacation Outfitting

Sometimes a wardrobe refresh is necessary, you know? Now that the studio is fully decorated, I have more time to focus my energies on fashion, particularly some warm weather outfits in preparation for our trip to Florida next month.

Some looks I’m loving–


Above: Simple Tiered Smock Dress. I just ordered this and really love it. ASOS is a go-to of mine for dresses and online shopping. I always have good luck with their fit, quality & prices and appreciate to no end that shipping is free both ways.

image3xxl (1)

Above: Wishing this Tropical Print Romper was still available in my size!


Above: Found this fragrance recently and it smells like a beach day in a bottle.


Sometimes it’s necessary to treat yourself. Like with genuine leather sandals from Lucky Brand (above) that are both easy on the feet and the eyes.


Above: This straw hat was an impulse purchase of mine this past weekend. Skipped the bag, wore it out of the store and continued to mosey the streets of downtown Boston looking and feeling like a tourist.


Above: Dying to try this dress on. Looks so light and breezy, perfect for a warm night out. Also comes in several different colors.


Above: I’m patiently waiting for the right sale to make the moves on this Chiffon Romper.


I was raised to appreciate espadrilles from the moment I discovered heels, so the fact that they are really IN this season is huge bonus.

And the list just goes on–anyone else ready for spring?