Apt No. 2

The grand reveal! I’m so excited to finally share my space with you! I’ve jumped right over to our second apartment because our first one just didn’t make the ‘visually-approved cut’ for this occasion.

A little back story: this past fall, we traded in a spacious, storage-a-plenty, wall-to-wall carpeted one bedroom in the suburbs for a teeny, tiny, single-closeted, sleek studio in Boston. This move was a two part fold–in one way satisfying a curiosity to give city living a try, and in another way offering a clean slate for me to style a space that DID make the ‘visually-approved cut.’

As can be expected, transitioning from a one bedroom to a studio comes with its decorating challenges, especially when the square footage you’ve grown to live in is cut literally in half. With this harsh reality in mind, our first move was figuring out exactly what, where and how our furniture could comfortably fit within 469 square feet. So before even signing the lease to our studio, we made a mock map with paper cutouts of our furniture to get a better idea of what would actually fit. Apart from figuring out how both of our clothes would fit into one minuscule closet, we really had lots of big things to consider before moving forward. E.g. could our sofa fit, or are we limited to a love seat? We need a desk, but where will it go? Where do we put the cat box so we aren’t tripping over it or eating dinner next to it?  (I’ll tell you, addressing that last question was one of the bigger challenges.)


Turned out that all of our essentials would fit, so we excitedly signed the lease and braced ourselves for all the work we had ahead of us to trim our possessions in half. What we ended up with in our final studio layout was just the basics and nothing else: bed, sofa, coffee table, desk and bookcase. THAT’S IT. Lots of bigger items went into storage because I figure we will be living in a human-sized space again someday and we will want that furniture when the time comes. If it didn’t go into storage, it was donated or thrown away completely. The bottom line is, you will hands-down NEVER clean out your stuff as thoroughly as you do as when you move into a studio-sized space. If you can’t part with your stuff, then you can’t live tiny.

As we began filling the studio with our furniture, the great thing I realized was not only did we do a great job planning the selection and layout of what we brought over from our first apartment, but that I wouldn’t have to purchase many extra accessories to make the space work. Because of this, the only larger new items I added were the area rug, the floor lamp and the curtains.


Above: Bed Frame // Duvet Cover // Sofa (similar) // Rug from HomeGoods // Baskets from HomeGoods // Floor Vase // Coffee Table Chest is antique // Bookcase // Rattan Wall Art // Paintings are antique // Floor Lamp // Plant // Desk // Desk Chair // Work Lamp


Above: Curtains // Kitchen Rug from HomeGoods // Picture Frames


Above: Bar Cart // Utensil Holder


Above: Oil and Vinegar, highly recommended.


Above: Bed Frame // Duvet Cover // Quilt, Sheets and Rectangle Throw Pillows from HomeGoods // Square Throw Pillow // Euro Pillow Sham // Plant // Painting is antique // Candle Sconces


Above: Area Rug from HomeGoods // Soap Pump // Stool is custom made // Bath Towels // Medicine Cabinet is antique // Baskets from HomeGoods

Photos by Megan K Murphy.