Basket Madness

I seem to have a newfound appreciation for baskets. Possibly a basket obsession, if you will. I mean, I’ve always liked them and recognized them as go-to decorative storage pieces but I’m not sure I realized just how multi-purpose they are. You can literally put them anywhere.  Looking around my place: I have a basket to hold my television remotes, a basket to hold my living room decorative tree, a basket for throw blankets, lidded baskets on open shelving with literally nothing in them, a basket on the toilet that holds tissues and facecloths, a basket on the dresser to hold everyday knick knacks, and I even have a lamp with a basket-inspired base. I’m not fooling around here people.

My latest basket adventure was sparked when I stumbled on this kitchen space from Better Homes and Gardens.


I saw those above-the-cabinet bins and was like I need this. And so it began.

My biggest challenges:

  1. Shopping online. This was unavoidable since I needed so many of the same kind of basket. Normally I would just swing by Homegoods and call it a day, but knew chances were slim at finding 6 to 8 of-a-kind in the store.
  2. Strick size requirements. My height could only fall between 7-9 inches and depth no greater than 12 inches. When considering width, I also had to take into account the couple of inches I wanted to leave between each basket from wall to wall.
  3. Budget. $20 for a single basket? I don’t think so! Not trying to break the bank here. Cue weeks of online browsing frustration.
  4. Style. I really wanted baskets with lids however challenges number 2 and 3 above came into play. I was forced to make adjustments to my decorative vision.

The most beautiful baskets I found were from Pottery Barn, Pier 1, and World Market. Prices deterred me.

The most reasonably priced baskets I found were from craft stores like Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. Sizes were not right.

About ready to call it quits on this project, I finally stumbled on baskets at Burlington Coat Factory of all places. Who knew?


The free shipping was also a plus. In fact, I was all ready to order these perfectly priced baskets from The Container Store but stopped in my tracks when they tried to charge $15 for shipping. Just not cool.

My Plan B for this look was to display an assortment of baskets, much like in this kitchen below which I found on Design Milk. Photo by Trevor Tondro for the New York Times.


Not sure what I’ll put in my new baskets yet but the possibilities are endless!