Oriental Rugs

I was blessed by the shopping gods pretty much at birth, and as such have had very few times in my life experiencing difficulty, either emotionally or budget-ly, executing a purchase. I either like something or I don’t, or can find a cheaper quality alternative no problem. But I’m afraid to share with you that finding the perfect rug for my apartment living room is one of those few sad, sad times.

Like I said, it’s not that I don’t know what I want. I do–right down to the size, shape, color, texture, you name it. If I could make the thing I would. The problem is my expensively good taste. I can’t do it. It’s driving me crazy. I cannot fathom spending so much money on something that will be walked on and partially hidden under sofas and a coffee table.

I thought it was a sign from those shopping gods when I pulled off the highway to see a huge tent marked ‘RUG SALE’ outside of The Home Depot, but when I stopped in with a smile on my face to only find the most perfect rugs I’ve seen at a $500 and up price tag my mood quickly dropped and I rushed back to my car in disappointment.

So for now I simply window shop and scowl at the expensive beauty these rugs behold. (And perhaps buy smaller sizes as bath and kitchen rugs for cheap off a TJ Maxx shelf.) But if you know of some secret society, hidden alleyway, or black market where I can get one in size 6X9 for under $200 I will gladly accept an introduction.



Rugs down a hallway in Country Style Australia. Styled by Indiana Ford. Photo by Mark Roper.

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 7.22.46 PM

Living room designed by Judith Balis Interiors.