Printstagram & Love Flow

The other night’s HGTV ‘Love It or List It’ episode featured a couple having difficulty finding a new home with what they called ‘love flow’. The problem wasn’t with the perfectly functioning furniture-less homes they were touring but instead with the lack of understanding that homes don’t necessarily come pre-packaged with a magical homey feeling. ‘Love flow’ involves a comfortable, personalized living space and it is put there by the people who live in it.

Among many Pinterest DIY projects which will come in later posts, one of the first steps I took to add love flow to my apartment was print some of my favorite photographs. Naturally all of my best and artsy-ist photos are on Instagram so I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found Printstagram and was able to make prints directly from my account. The price is right for these cute little 4×4’s and the quality of paper/printing is spot on too.