Wish List Holiday 2013

I can’t believe it’s already November. Where does the time go? It’s a month that means lots of things: number one it means we’re quickly creeping closer to the holidays where many of us will gather together to enjoy good food, drink, and company. And number two it also means that many of us are composing, if at least just in our noggins, a wish list of things we feel we want/need.

God knows I don’t need another blessed thing, but a girl can still dream and window shop. I like stuff. I’m a stuff girl–always have been, and here’s just a couple of things I have been lusting over lately.


I’ve been thinking about these Sam Edelman ‘Kayla’ boots for months and have almost bought them on several occasions but the powers of reason/budget guilt have got the best of me every time. They’re so gorgeous and I love me a good knee boot. What better to go with some news shoes than a classic black belted peacoat. I’m honestly amazed I’ve gone 22 years without owning such a classic style. I have an emerald green one but I think it’s time to invest in black. Featured Calvin Klein Cascade Collar Wrap Coat via Bloomingdales.

So the boots and the coat are the two biggies. The rest consists of the latest DVD releases of some good shows like The Mentalist, Castle, Homeland, etc, as well as not-gonna-happen-anytime-soon bathroom floor tiles.

But enough about me. Half the fun of gift giving holidays is the actual giving. Here are some things that I think would make for pretty cool gifts:


From the left:

Weights – I’m not huge on exercise but my mom is and she was so excited to find weights in this style with the rubber ends and the metal body. These are on Santa’s list, that’s for sure. And they’re even in pretty colors, thanks Reebok.

Vacuum – I’m almost 100% certain that this cordless Dyson vacuum would make the cleaning experience fun.

Calendar – For the traveler, a desk calendar by Rifle Paper Co. I’m in love with all of their paper goodies.

Dish Towel – If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the coolest and most useful dish towels on the planet. It almost has a right to be framed in the kitchen. From Crate and Barrel.

Trays – Trays are in, guys. And I’m not sure what home owner wouldn’t be able to find use for it. They’re just so versatile and a purchase that won’t ever lose function. I’m especially diggin’ this bunch from West Elm.

Leather Clutch – If you’re shopping for a girl and have no clue what to get, you can never go wrong with anything Coach. Trust me.