Painted Brick

I love the look of natural brick but sometimes the style situation calls for it to be accentuated with paint. Please don’t freak out. A lot of people have issues with covering up brick (or stained wood trim, I’m noticing) with a color but let’s face it–going au naturel isn’t always necessarily the best route. For interiors, a coat of white paint can work wonders on brightening a space or a coat of black can add captivating drama.

It’s about working with what you’ve got. If, for example, you have a brick fireplace and would love to replace it with new modern tile but just can’t afford the upgrade, choosing a high-gloss paint to go over the brick can give you that fresh look without breaking the bank. It’s affordable, it’s quick, and best of all you can do it yourself.


I instantly fell in love with both of these spaces. The photo on the left, I presume was once a natural wood with natural brick but then painted white on the mantel and high-gloss black on the brick. It’s gorgeous. Just look at the craftsmanship and pillar details of the mantel, which is even greater accentuated by the use of black paint on the brick. It almost disappears against the white. I LOVE the geanie-looking lamp in the stained glass window too! A very charming space via Better Homes and Gardens.

In the photo on the right I’m loving everything except for the artwork–that’s freakin’ me out a little. The white looks so great here against the dark grey walls. I also really like the throw pillows stacked in the corner, something I think Mike would love to do with mine since he absolutely despises pillows. Via Nook and Sea.


Exposed brick is commonly seen in modern industrial spaces but this one is decorated with contemporary luxury. The greys, whites, & golds paired with high end furnishings are undeniably rich and the brick entry adds texture.  6c658fc236c85383c37f695df39346f4

I thought this was really cool. This headboard could never make the statement it does if the brick weren’t painted. A beautiful and unique space.


Exterior brick can be painted too. The black exterior on the left via M.D. Lawson on Simply Casual. The grey exterior via Pinterest.

If you ever know the original source of the photos I feature please let me know and I will make sure I give credit where it is due.

Have a happy and safe Halloween everybody 🙂