Bar Areas

There is something so classy and rich about displaying beverages on a styled bar, bar cart, or in a decanter. It doubles as decoration and a fun, inviting area for guests to gather. Plus it’s a style reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour which is cool too.

The great thing about this hopping trend is that it’s a look that can be so easily recreated. For the bar look, open shelving can be purchased on the cheap. From there all you have to do is find some nice glasses & bottles and well-ah, there you have it. The same goes for the idea of a bar cart. You don’t necessarily even need something on wheels. A small side table, buffet, or kitchen island could house the same arrangement and look just as good. Easy peasy.

Vintage and consignment stores are the right place to start looking for the props you need if you don’t have them already. I like the idea of mixing clear with colored glass but there are so many options out there to style whatever looks best in your space. And if you’re not a drinker that’s okay too–this look suits waters and juices just as well.


These gold bar carts carts (left & right) are full of fun items in colors of all sorts. This ecclectic look works when items are paired together with purpose. E.g. keeping same brand bottles together, keeping glasses together, etc. If you dont have a cart, try a small table instead. If you’re loving the gold then spray paint your existing piece.


Here is a bar table which I am hugely in love with. Everything about this space is perfect actually between the cool fire pit, pops of color against white, and framed illustrations. Keeping the bar area condensed to the top rack is neat and clean. Tall bottles are placed behind shorter ones for visual organization.


If you’re short on space or just want a temporary bar area, try utilizing standalone trays. I love all of the classic crystal clear glass in these two picks. The picture on the left definitely has that old Hollywood feel to it. Picture on the right via Jeanine Hays and HGTV.


You can create this simple look with a tray atop a buffet, side table, or kitchen island. Notice the stylist choose pieces to accentuate the colors of the room.


Here’s what I meant when I said you could just purchase some simple open shelves and style them like a bar. The wine and glasses are decoration in themselves. Add a mirror behind the shelves for best results.