Curb Appeal: Wood Doors

I travel the same roads every day to get to work, as do I’m sure most of you, and what gets me through the ride other than a delectable bagel with cream cheese and good music are some of the lovely homes I pass by in the neighborhoods of suburban Massachusetts. Of course I’m watching the road too, rest assured, but there are a select few houses that I can’t help but peek at while I drive past. One in particular is a sweet cottage-style home surrounded by a healthy garden of flowers & shrubs and sporting a welcoming dark wood door. It’s SO charming and one of my favorite looks for exteriors.

Some other homes with curb appeal of the nature:

Picture 6

I love love the window on this door and the lantern overhead // T-Olive Properties of Cumming, Georgia.

Picture 7

Again, loving the design in the door’s window to match the surrounding details. That grey stain color is also to die for // JB Architecture Group of Chicago, Illinois.

Picture 8

I think I’m in porch heaven. See, New Englanders would never want this much porch because that would mean even more shoveling coming wintertime. Looks like I’ll need to move down south for my dream home with a porch // Jamison Howard General Contractors of Charleston, South Carolina.

Picture 5

Just so inviting. Such great display of flowers and again, loving the overhead lantern. And bricks, I think I might be partial to bricks too // Blue Sky Building Company of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Picture 2

Wow wow wow is all I could think when I saw this. A beautiful arrangement for city living. The glossy black shutters, flower boxes, and wood door just do it for me // Eberlein Design Consultants of Philadelphia, Pennesylvania.