Motivate Me

There are some days when our inspiration & motivation levels get so low that we just want to give up. We want to quit. We want to run away and never come back. I know for sure that I’ve felt this way and have seen others around me dealing with the same problem too. So what is there to do about it and how can we prevent it from happening again? There’s two basic steps, really.

First and foremost is having the mindset to snap out of it. After a good sulk (because reality is sometimes we do just need to pout and whine about our issues, right?) it’s important to come to the realization that whatever it is, it’s probably not the end of the world. I know I have to tell myself these things or else I could never move on. So that’s step one.

Next comes searching for the kick in the butt you need to snap out of the bad funk. This part is different for everybody. For some, you’ll find it listening to music, perhaps drawing or writing. You know, the artsy stuff. For others, fresh air and nature might do the trick.  Those are just a few examples. Like I said, everybody has a different thing and the list is endless but the result of this discovery is always the same. It makes you realize that somebody other than yourself has gone through the same thing, lived to tell the tale, and heck, may even be a stronger person because of it.

So today I bring to you some Friday motivation. Some words or photos that helped to give the kick I needed to feel myself again and may just be enough to restore your life balance too.

Some words that made me smile or think:

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Kittens always save the day:


There will always be a part of me that is enchanted by the idea of magic and fairies and secret gardens:


Find your inspiration within books:


The beauty of foliage with the peace of a cemetery:

Picture 1

Go for a drive: