Zinc Door: Lamps

I knew I wanted to write about table lamps today because for whatever reason I seem to be gravitating towards them more than usual. I bought myself a new lamp for by bedside table earlier this month and along with it has come this newfound appreciation for adequate lighting. How have I gone this long in life without noticing how important light is? It sets the mood, feel, and purpose of a space, all of which are huge things to consider when decorating. E.g. you can’t exactly read well in a room with a single dim overhead light.  But have no fear–lamps are here to help and are also pretty darn fun to accessorize with too.

I’ve been searching for the perfect pieces to feature for this post and everywhere I look brings be back to the online shop Zinc Door. It’s definitely more high-end so if you’re not looking to splurge then perhaps it’s not the store for you, but there is no denying they have THE BEST products when it comes to lamps. They’ve pulled all the best designer products and put them in one place for a more fun shopping experience.  I forced myself to narrow it down to this bunch but their department is teeming with plenty more excellent pieces. Check it out.

Picture 10

From top left: Delicate and elegant is this Triton Table Lamp // This Arteriors Bond Vintage Desk Lamp is beyond beautiful. I’m really loving brass lately // This Arteriors Herst Snow Marble Rectangle Lamp has a cool geometric presence about it // This Geo Lamp is reminiscent of the greek key // The pattern on this Longevity Lamp reminds me of ancient tribal symbols // I think I actually gasped when I saw this Bungalow 5 Cordova Lamp. I love orange and blue together and the detail on this is just so beautiful.

Here are some more examples of lighting that I just love.


This is Emily Henderson’s design via The Everygirl. I have a super crush on her lately and it’s not too hard to see why. I love white with pops of color.


Also HOW CUTE is this Elephant Lamp from West Elm?! This is also Emily Henderson.


A lamp proportionate to the size of the bar car really completes the look here. Look by Lonny Magazine via Pinterest.