M&M Discuss: Hardwood vs. Carpet

Today’s post I would like to feature something a little different. Think less pretty pictures of completely decorated homes and more of discussing the process of choosing what actually composes them. The thing about homes is they are generally a group effort to not only buy, but to decorate and renovate too. Some form of consensus must be made when investing in a change so large, not to mention EVERYONE has to live with the final product. Whether buying a new home or renovating an existing one, many, if not most home owners will have to make this decision at least once in their lives: wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors? For some, this decision may be obvious or easy, but not for us. Seriously—we don’t even have our own place yet and one of our most passionate debates is over our hypothetical home with our hypothetical floors. Ridiculous. He’s hell bent on carpets, and I the same on hardwood floors. So today I hand you over to my longtime boyfriend Mike who invites you into our very conflicted, very imaginary home. What’s he thinking?

Mike: I’m more than happy to share my opinion on this one because like Megan said, I feel pretty strongly about carpets. But before I get into defending myself and my apparent “misguided” love for comfortable flooring, let’s talk about hardwood first.

There’s no doubting that hardwood floors are beautiful and functional. Between wood tones, wood types, and the opportunity to utilize area rugs, hardwood floors are a very versatile and easy-to-change flooring option. There’s little guilt involved when switching out the old area rug for a new one since it can be done so relatively cheaply.

In regards to maintenance, I’ve been told that hardwood is easy to clean. Yes, perhaps liquid spills are easy to wipe up but what about the absurd amount of dust bunnies floating around, lurking in the corners, and under the furniture? My dorm at school had a tile finish and much like hardwood, it serves as a platform for rolling dust and floating hairs. Don’t go barefoot around the house because you may end up with pieces of uncomfortable debris caught in between your toes.

For me, this is where I draw the line. Yes hardwood looks nice, but the simple fact that I can feel the dirtiness of my floor is a serious turnoff. I don’t want to vacuum or sweep on a daily basis just so the pebbles and sand from outside aren’t crawling into bed with me after a long day. Plus, I’m not one for wearing shoes or sneakers inside the house and hardwood floors can get cold to the touch. I don’t want to deal with frigid feet while I’m inside my own home, thank you very much.

Now moving on to carpets. I’ve grown up with wall-to-wall carpeting. It covers the living room, stairs, and all of the bedrooms of my parents’ house. Carpet provides underfoot comfort while also allowing homeowners the ability to work around a color scheme, much like one would with a particular wall color. Nowadays people are going crazy and even painting their ceilings different colors! Why not stick to the basics and simply decide on a quality-looking carpet for the basis of a room’s scheme?

I understand that many people find issues with wall-to-wall, such as its ability to trap dirt and unwanted particles in its fiber (and germsss, says Megan). Carpet isn’t exactly spill proof either. There’s likely a multitude of stains under my parents’ living room carpet thanks to the many dropped drinks from my brother-in-law Brent over the years. And if you have pets then you’re just asking for their odor and dander to stay in the fibers for all eternity. I get it! I really do.

That being said, I’ll take all of these cons so long as I can be comfortable in my own living space. Answer this: dirt on your bare feet or comfy and cozy carpet like you’re walking on clouds? Would you rather lie down on the floor of a high school gymnasium (because that’s really what you’re asking for with hardwood floors) or would you rather relax on the soft bed of a carpet? (Is there anyone else out there like Mike who lies on their floor? What???)

So in my eyes, it comes down to comfort or classy. Do you want to be comfortable in your own home or do you want it to just look pretty? Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories because we need to know we aren’t the only ones debating this stuff!



  1. As a seasoned expert in the fine art of deliberation, compromise and mutual agreement within the marital discourse, I can only suggest a simple little anecdote that has carried me through the decades of wedded bliss.

    If she’s not happy, then no one is happy.

    Surrender now Mike, spare yourself the anguish. LOL

  2. Thanks for the shout out mike. I say suck it up and buy an area rug.