Beautiful Blue

I was flipping through the October issue of Elle Decor when I came across this page sporting a door painted in Benjamin Moore’s Breath of Fresh Air 806. I was so thrown off by it’s simplicity and beauty, it took me a moment to realize it was actually an advertisement and not one of the magazine’s featured stories. Not only is this color absolutely breathtaking but it has also been named Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Color of the Year. Just gorgeous.

Picture 8

Some pieces in the color scheme.

Picture 15

Calliope Bistro Cushion in Maui from Pier 1. This would be darling on a vanity chair // Hutton Lamp in Light Blue from Bungalow 5 Via Candelabra. A little pricey but would be gorgeous on any table in any room // A lovely accent piece. Powder Blue Lacquered Bombe 3-Drawer Chest from Kirklands // Calvin Klein bath towels in Spray from Lord and Taylor // Market Mist Mini Bowl from Crate and Barrel // Anna Weatherley “Powder Blue” Oval Platter. The gold rim adds elegance to this piece.

Picture 16

Blue Rattan chair via Elizabeth Newman Interior Design.

Picture 2

Blue stripe on the stairs via Pinterest.

Picture 3

Blue on a porch ceiling via Pinterest.