Camel Things

Camels make me smile. They’re not even necessarily my favorite animal but for some reason I just find them to be so cute (minus the smell and the spit).  Find an animal that makes you smile and place related objects around your house or carry them with you in unexpected places to keep sparking that happiness.

Picture 16

Ceramic camel by Jonathan Adler. Perfect for a bookshelf or desk.

Picture 17

Scenic wall via Pinterest. The best wallpaper tells a story to its onlookers. I love the pops of oranges, blues, & golds here and the camel is my favorite part.

Picture 18

Ceramic Camel Plate from C Wonder. So colorful and fun!

Picture 19

Yes, a camel teapot. This is so so cute I can’t even get over it.

Picture 20

I’ve had to tell myself to walk away from this Camel Notebook from JCrew multiple times. I don’t even know what I’d use it for but I just love that gold camel. JCrew also has a camel sweater.

Picture 21

Was so excited when I saw these Coral & Tusk “Indian Animal” cocktail napkins featured in the latest issue of Domino Magazine.