Fun with Chalk

I feel like I’ve had lots of posts featuring small glimpses into the possibilities of chalk paint, so it’s only fair I give it the spotlight today. We have seen chalk painted closet doors and chalk painted plant pots but the options don’t have to end there. With resources ranging from cheap spray paint to designer brand paint, it is relatively easy to convert any surface into a fun place to write.

Picture 1

Chalkboard globe via Design Sponge. Old globes are easy to find at your local consignment or vintage shop.

Picture 2

For those not looking for an arts and crafts project, try hanging a vintage chalkboard instead of the traditional mirror or artwork like the Shaffer family did here. Space featured in Country Living Magazine.

Picture 3

There are lots of different chalk maps from Dirtsa Studio on Etsy.

Picture 4

Cool chalkboard placemats from Crate and Barrel. Mike’s family has these and they’re lots of fun–great for after dinner games and leaving notes.

Picture 5

A chalkboard wall doubles as a fabulous accent and a place to write to-dos. This office decorated and used by my design idol Erin Gates. She’s one of the few blogs I visit on a daily basis, plus she’s locally based in Newton, MA. Visit and keep an eye out for her book next fall.